Border Goes Greener

As of July 2019, we have outlined our commitment to the environment by eliminating 90% of plastic from our core retail packaging as part of a wider £1.6 million investment into our products and processes. This 90% reduction in plastic saves 537 tonnes of CO2e from the manufacturing process each year; the equivalent of 895 homes improving their energy efficiency through installing better insulation as well as smarter lighting, appliances and heating systems. Border Biscuits is among the first to proactively change its packaging to achieve a positive environmental impact, with the new design staying true to the eye-catching graphics the brand is known for whilst showcasing the beautifully crafted biscuits on-shelf. Consumer feedback on the 90% reduction in plastic and updated look of the new packaging has been positive with it being viewed as a more modern design for everyday occasions. It was also noted that consumers believed the packs would be easier to store and maintaining the ability to see the biscuit within the pack remains a major positive to them.

Our People

Border Biscuits employs more than 170 people, who all come together to produce our Beautifully Crafted biscuits that our customers know and love. We believe that our People are the ley to Border's success, whether they're packing biscuits on our production lines, taking customer orders, or keeping our factory clean on the nightshift. This is why one of our three overall company goals is to be a great place to work. We strive towards this by creating a positive working environment and by helping our people to be at their best throughout training and development. Part of being a great place to work involved making people feel valued, so in 2018, we introduced a profit share scheme, giving back 10% of our profits to our hardworking employees. There is always room for improvement, however we think the numbers speak for themselves - we have a combined service of more than 1,400 years, and over 30 members of staff have worked with Border for at least 15 years. 

Giving back to the Community 

We believe that our biscuits enable us to be a force for good in the local community and we donate 10% of our profits to good causes within Lanark and the surrounding area each year. With 170 people coming together every day to make biscuits that we all believe are special and with the vast majority living locally, we are focused on helping our people and our community thrive through funding projects that show benefit to those in the local area. We aim to provide support and opportunities for people, groups and organisations within Lanark and the surrounding areas to assist them in achieving the objectives of their projects. Click here to find out more about our funding opportunities. 

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