The following notes offer guidance for consideration when making a request for funding support to Border Biscuits Community Support. Please read prior to filling in the application form.


Section 1 – Contact Details

Please ensure contact details are accurate. Include an email address wherever possible, a mobile telephone number and a correspondence address. We will contact you by email in the first instance to let you know the outcome of your application or if we have any further questions.

Section 2 – About your Organisation

Where is your group based? Please tell us when your group was established and if it is a registered charity. We would also like to know a summary of your governance arrangements, including details about your constitution, accounts and annual income. Providing exact details of your surplus/deficit for last year is important for the decision-making process. Please also tell us what your group does, who it helps, and a brief history of how it came about. (Max 200 words)

Section 3 – Details of Funding Requested

How much will the project cost and how much are you applying for from us? Please let us know if Border Biscuits Community Support is the sole supplier of funding for this project. If not, please list the other funders, the amount given/requested and if any funding has been guaranteed.

Section 4 – Project Information

How will you use the grant? Please provide a breakdown of your costs – include hourly rates if wages/fees are sought. We would like to know the start and end dates of the project. Please also detail the project’s objectives and outcomes.

Section 5 – Payment Information

Please state the cheque payee’s name and address. Please note, we do not address cheques to individuals and will only accept the bank account of the organisation or group.

Section 6 – Declaration

Please sign and date your application, ensuring you are authorised to sign on behalf of your group. All applications are eligible for three months from the date declared in this section.



Once submitted, your application will be considered by Border Biscuits Community Support at the next monthly meeting and you will be notified of the outcome by email. If you are successful, you will also be notified of the payment date, which is normally at the start or end of the project.


Please sign and return to us immediately to confirm you have received the cheque.


This should be returned within six weeks of the project completion date. It is important this section is as detailed as possible to allow us to evaluate the success of the project, the impact of the funding on its success and to identify if there are any areas where we could look to help in future.

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