Dark Chocolate Ginger Bars

The UK's Number One chocolate ginger is now available in convenient bar form. The Dark Chocolate Ginger Bars are crafted to the same Famously Fiery recipe of the nation’s favourite chocolate ginger biscuit, bringing together expertly sourced ginger with intense dark chocolate. 

Milk Chocolate Ginger Bars

One of two new additions to our chocolate biscuit bar range, our Milk Chocolate Ginger bars combine our famous fiery ginger biscuit with rippled milk chocolate to create a fully satisfying eat whether you are relaxing on the couch, enjoying a treat at lunch or on the move. Just 113 calories per bar, it’s the perfect permissible treat.

Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange Bars

New to the Border Biscuits chocolate biscuit bar line-up, our Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange bars add a citrusy twist to our famous Dark Chocolate Ginger recipe. Expertly balancing a spicy and citrusy biscuit with delectably dark chocolate, it creates the perfect indulgent treat. Only 113 calories per bar, it’s perfect for an after-lunch treat, a mid-afternoon snack or an evening treat.