Dark Chocolate Gingers

The UK's number one Chocolate Ginger! This Famous Fiery recipe brings together expertly sourced ginger with intense dark chocolate. When eating one of our Dark Chocolate Gingers, you will experience a perfectly balanced taste collision between the spicy ginger and the smooth dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Ginger

A sharp and gingery biscuit, smothered in glossy milk chocolate. The combination of rippled milk chocolate over a crunchy and spicy biscuit makes for a seriously satisfying eat. We are delighted that our indulgent Milk Chocolate Gingers continue to be recognised with a One Star 2019 Great Taste Award. 

Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange

An expertly balanced, spicy and citrusy biscuit coated in delectably dark chocolate. We have taken the recipe of our famous Dark Chocolate Gingers and infused it with zesty orange extract to create a rich and indulgent treat. 



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