Lemon Drizzle Melts

A delicate, light and refreshing biscuit with subtle citrus notes. This recipe has a creamy, lemon scent and a luxurious appearance making it the perfect biscuit to impress your guests. Our Lemon Drizzle Melts are perfect for both a hot summers day in the park and a cold winters day in the house with a cuppa. 

Light and Chocolatey Viennese Whirls

A golden buttery swirled biscuit coated in sweet and creamy milk chocolate, enchanted in rich vanilla. The vanilla deepens the chocolate flavours to create an indulgent and expertly balanced biscuit. Our Milk Chocolate Viennese is always a crowd pleaser and works well for any occasion. 

Sweet Memories Butterscotch Crunch

A thin and crispy snap with buttery, sweet, salty butterscotch pieces. This is a biscuit of perfect contrast through it's crunchy yet chewy texture, and sweet yet slightly salted flavour. Our Butterscotch Crunch has only 51 calories per biscuit making it the perfect everyday treat. 

Strawberry Drizzle Melts

A winning combination of sweet strawberry flavour combined with a creamy yoghurt drizzle. The ripe, light and fresh flavours make this the perfect summer biscuit.

Buttery Sultana Melts

​A buttery, creamy biscuit with sweet and chewy sultanas. This classic recipe has a fruity and buttery flavour which has stood the test of time for good reason. A timeless biscuit which goes great with a warm cup of tea. 

Chocolate Oat Crumbles

A wholesome recipe of coarse, crunchy oats and milk chocolate. The crispy and sweet combination makes for a very moreish treat. Our Chocolate Oat Crumbles have a rustic and homemade appearance which is perfect for a mid morning treat at home. 

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