Snack Packs

Our Snack Packs bring together our Beautifully Crafted Biscuits in convenient, individually wrapped portions. Whether you're putting them in your lunchbox, or taking them on your weekend adventures, our Snack Packs will satisfy your biscuit cravings wherever you are. This pack contains our Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, Golden Oat Crumbles, and Light & Buttery Viennese Whirls. 

48 Mini Packs

Our Mini Pack boxes contain four Beautifully Crafted recipes in double packs including 12 x Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, 12 x Golden Oat Crumbles, 12 x Sweet Memories Butterscotch Crunch, 2 x Light & Buttery Viennese Whirls. The variety of this box ensures there is a flavour for everybody. 

Mini Pack 100 x 3

Our 100 Mini Packs box brings together three Beautifully Crafted recipes including Golden Oat Crumbles, Sweet Memories Butterscotch Crunch and Light & Buttery Viennese Whirls. This box contains single biscuit packs which are great for events, hospitality and even for the kids lunchbox

100 Mini Packs x 5

This box brings together five Beautifully Crafted recipes including 20 x 2 Light and Buttery Viennese Whirls, 20 x 2 Golden Oat Crumbles, 20 x 2 Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, 20 x 2 Sweet Memories Butterscotch Crunch, 20 x 2 Light and Buttery Shortbread Rings. The size and variety of this box make it great for providing sweet treats at conferences and other large scale events.

150 Mini Packs x 3

Each of the 150 mini packs contain one perfectly-formed biscuit in 3 irresistible flavours including 50 x Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, 50 x Sweet Memories Butterscotch Crunch, 50 x Light and Butery Viennese Whirls. This box contains single packs which make it versatile for any situation, from corporate events to hospitality.

Counter Display Unit

Our Counter Display Unit contains two Beautifully Crafted recipes including 2 x Light & Buttery Viennese Whirls and 2 x Divinely Chocolatey Cookies. This product makes for the ideal counter display unit in cafe's and petrol stations with the 'on-the-go' customer in mind. 

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